Caterham Repair Cafe

Are you a ‘mender’ or a ‘replacer’? Nowadays, changing fuses, wiring plugs and sewing are skills rarely practised, and cheap electricals and fast fashion make it tempting to simply exchange damaged for new.

Caterham Repair Cafe wants to change that, by giving people the opportunity to bring broken objects in for their volunteers to fix: textiles, electricals, wooden items, computers, bicycles and more are welcome. When visitors arrive, their item is logged and directed to the correct station. Tea and cakes are available while they wait, or they can sit with the expert and watch them work. The mended item is then weighed, and the figure added to the total the cafe has rescued from landfill so far. If something can’t be fixed, the experts offer advice, or recommend local businesses who can help further.

Lucy Ovington started the cafe in 2019:

“We’re also planning on running workshops, teaching people how to do their own basic repairs.”

Caterham Repair Cafe is at St Lawrence’s Church, on the second Saturday of every month, from 10.30 – 13:00 (last items accepted at 12.30). A donation, which goes to the church, is suggested, in return for the help.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Caterham Repair Cafe, visit their Facebook page for more information. 

Caterham Repair Cafe, at St Lawrence's Church, Caterham on the Hill

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