Tandridge Past – the history of Christmas music

We are now in December, and East Surrey Museum is looking fabulous, adorned as it is with Christmas decorations!

We have also installed a new display, which looks at the history of Christmas music – starting with the medieval music and singing traditions that evolved into some of the carols we still sing today. On show are the musical instruments and scores in our collection, some of which originate from the 18th century, and would have been used to celebrate Christmas in local churches, before organs became commonplace.

And we have some examples of music in the home as well. From an early music box, to a phonograph, and on to more modern gramophones and record players, together with some of the Christmas records that have been popular over the years. And last but not least, our fantastic vintage musical Christmas tree is also on display, so do pop in and see us if you can. The vintage pic this month is a selection of Caterham views, sent as a Christmas card in the early 20th century. Christmas greetings to you all!!

Caterham Christmas card from early 20th century

(Photo credit: East Surrey Museum)

For more information about the museum, including opening times, visit www.eastsurreymuseum.org.uk.

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