Local father and son donate salaries to charity

Caterham resident Paul Fernandez, along with his son Joel, have donated their November salaries to charity, to draw attention to government mismanagement, corruption and cronyism.

Paul and Joel Fernandez

“We’re getting increasingly angry with the government’s policies, and the difference between what they say and what they do,” stated Paul, an airline pilot. “Money, supposedly for public services, ends up in the pockets of millionaires and shareholders.”

The pair have elected to give their wages to a local school, hospital and foodbank, as well as a charity involved in overseas relief work.

Deny tax, donate

Joel, an environmental consultant, had the idea to donate the money as a protest. This action also denies the government the income tax it would normally have gained, thus benefitting the charities further: “We simply have to sign a Gift Aid declaration, and the charities can reclaim the income tax that was deducted from our salary. Rather than the government receiving our tax, it will be repaid to our chosen charities, who can decide how best to use it.”

More information on their campaign can be found at https://denytaxdonate.org

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