Back at home – Remembrance poem

After taking part in his class topic of the Great War, Caelan Doherty, who is in year 6 at Audley Primary School, Caterham, wrote his own poem.

He then recorded his poem recital, and it aired on BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex on 14 November 2021. 


Back at home

By Caelan Doherty 


Guns and bombs being fired,

Soldiers' bodies getting tired,

Why did war start, nobody knows,

Come at us, you horrible foes,


Wounded soldiers missing houses,

Back at home lived worried spouses.

Bullets being fired into bruised skin,

Poor fathers couldn’t even see the kin.


Thousand of horses being killed by armed forces,

At home was lovely food and delicious sauces,

Here are cheese and crackers and flavourless apples.

For goodness sake hear our cries, they are not fake.




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