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Caterham Valley Parish Council news

– Planning: We have co-opted a new member onto our Planning Committee, Caroline Hollins. We now have seven members, councillors and co-optees, reflecting the continuing pressure of applications in Harestone and Valley Wards, a number of which continue to be problematic and/or complex. We have now presented at the TDC Planning Committee on Applications in Harestone and Bradenhurst, both of which TDC Members agreed should be rejected. Note the developer has the right of appeal. We are now bringing in the Harestone Design Guidance Document. 

– Refurbishment of the valley clock: arrangements for this are being put in place with clockmakers Gillett and Johnston in Edenbridge. with work likely to be completed after Christmas.

– Nominate your favourite community assets: As part of the Government's 'Build Back Better' initiative, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), in association with Historic England, has provided funding to 22 areas, including Surrey, to develop local heritage asset lists.

We need your nominations for buildings/other features in Tandridge that play a key role in reinforcing a sense of local character and distinctiveness. Surrey County Council will be working with Tandridge to produce an updated list, including any building, monument, site, place, area or landscape which has heritage significance, but is not recognised by another planning designation.

SCC will recommend which nominations it thinks should be added to the list. We will then decide if we'll add them to the list (known as Buildings of Character), which will give some protection if a planning application is submitted. The nomination process closes at 5pm on 16 November. Once adopted, the lists will inform the planning process and guide future decisions around the use and custodianship of local heritage assets. The information captured will also be added to the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) managed and maintained by Surrey County Council. Visit



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