Career advice for teenagers and young people

I feel sorry for teenagers and young people trying to step on the career ladder: it can be so daunting, demoralising and heartbreaking. Young people leaving school for the first time, with no idea what they want to do and, in many cases, with no support. People leaving university, having gone through an extended learning institution, but with little hope of getting a job that reflects the success of their degree result.

It's tough out there, but help is available. A new government scheme has been set up to give people career advice and support, and there are also a number of good independent careers and life coaches out there, ready to help.

Like many people, when I was a teenager I had no idea what my values were! I was interested in football and could list my skills as “good at football”, but not much else, and that didn't really change in my 20s or 30s. It wasn’t until my 40s that I realised just how many skills I had, and found a way to make a successful career in senior management.

I work with many young people, helping them unlock their values, create goals, and set out a clear path to obtain the skills needed to fulfil their dreams. At Blue Turtle, we give young people focused tips and advice that are far more beneficial than the generic stuff found on the internet.

During six coaching sessions we work with young people to: 
• Make a list of the companies/organisations they would like to work for
• Get them to be open-minded and question everything
• Coach them not to think in terms of "careers", but in terms of “skills”
• Use family, friends, and their network to gain experience and skills
• Take seasonal and summer jobs to help gain experience 
• Undergo a personality test
• Encourage them to ask people for advice, the more successful the better
• Join a sports team/club/group
• Spend time with people a few years older than them
• Make independent choices
• Discover their values, and set goals

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from this service, please contact me on: or call 0208 617 8111, to arrange a free 30-minute, no obligation consultation.


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