Hillcroft student’s astounding art

Hillcroft Primary School student Jasmine, who has just finished year 6, dreams of becoming an artist. The Caterham Independent recently met with Jasmine and had the privilege of browsing through her portfolio, and seeing some of her incredible pencil drawings. Her remarkable ability to evoke emotion through her art can be seen in our featured drawing of a cat with a butterfly. Over the past eighteen months, art has been something that many of us have turned to as a way to relax, and Jasmine has used this time to hone her talent. Look out for her work on public display in the future.

We also spoke to Jasmine’s mum, who explained:
“Her love of art runs in the family: my mum, brother and Ciara, Jasmine’s older sister are all creative. I hope seeing her work in the paper encourages Jasmine to do more!”


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