Whyteleafe Community Hub

Did you think that Whyteleafe was just a tatty roundabout between Caterham and Purley? Well, maybe it’s time to think again.

With the introduction of the Whyteleafe and Kenley Community Hub, things are now set to change.

The Hub came into being around the time of the first Covid lockdown, when some dedicated friends who had been helping in the community formed a group, where local people could volunteer their time.

After obtaining help from local businesses such as Morrisons, Tesco and Kindred Bakery, we started delivering their spare food out into the community, to people in desperate need in these strange and difficult times. Many families have been provided for but sadly many still depend on this help to this day.

Not just a food bank

The Hub, however, is not just a food bank. The local elections gave the Hub an opportunity to put forward candidates on a totally non-political platform, rallying under the banner of “No Politics – Only People”. Voters responded to this by electing four Hub candidates to the village council.

This gives the Hub chances to improve the village and surrounding areas. There are great plans in motion! Already, there is a thriving litter-picking group and there are intentions to tidy and smarten up the village centre. Schemes for CCTV to make us all feel safer, and traffic calming measures to stop traffic thundering through the village are in the pipeline, together with an impressive expansion of the Christmas lights, and more regular events throughout the year.

The heart and soul of the Hub is, and always will be, in helping those in our communities who are in need of assistance.

Get in touch  

If there is anybody reading this who is aware of friends or neighbours who are struggling to survive and who could use a little help, please contact us. We will be extremely happy to assist in getting them back on their feet. Contact the Hub on 07398 045141, or leave a message via our Facebook page or WhatsApp group.

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