As part of our commitment to supporting Mavis House orphanage in Zimbabwe and Sachibondu Clinic, Zambia, some of the congregation of Hurst Green Evangelical Church undertook a 'Travelthon' on the 27 and 28 March.

We have close ties to both projects, as members of the fellowship are responsible for running the orphanage and have family who are involved with the clinic. The Travelthon – where between us we would 'travel' continuously for 24 hours – was conceived to help us raise an initial target of £500; never in our wildest dreams did we think we would raise over £5,000. God blessed us with several enthusiastic, energetic and, some would say, formidable individuals who spearheaded the fundraising.

Although the original plan was for just the fellowship to be involved, the number wanting to take part quickly spread across the country, from two ladies walking around the Trim Track in Hurst Green, to a triathlete who ran 23 miles in North Wales. It was heart-warming to see so many people – 36 in total – joining together to raise money for these worthwhile causes.

We used a WhatsApp group to encourage each other and inform of our progress. This made for a real sense of camaraderie and unity, even though we were separated by long distances. In the end, our intrepid travellers covered over 105 miles and raised £5,112. Well done!

You can find further details on our Travelthon website:


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