Cyber Security

The UK has seen a 31% increase in cybercrime during the pandemic. To protect their digital assets, homes and small businesses can take steps to improve their cyber security.

Increase password security
Never use the same password twice. Use a password manager, which is free within most browsers. Password managers enforce complex and unique passwords for all your internet accounts. Use multi-factor authentication whenever possible, which requires a code generated from your phone before allowing access into your account.

Secure your network
Change your SSID and use a long paraphrase. You should also use the highest encryption level on your WiFi router, and disable the WPS feature. Turn on your computer’s firewalls, and monitor your ISP-supplied router for unknown connections.

Remotely back up your data
Don’t rely on local backups: use an online backup service. Not to be confused with cloud storage, remote backups keep a historical copy of your data encrypted in the cloud.

Keep your systems up-to-date
Patch your systems and software. Running anything below Windows 10 or macOS11 increases the risk of compromise.

Educate family and colleagues
Education is your first line of defense. Educate your family (parents and grandparents especially) and colleagues that hackers will target them by email, text or phone. Never share personal details or bank card information without first scrutinising the request thoroughly.


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