What is the most important day of your life?

This is a question I ask all my clients and, unsurprisingly, I get a different answer every time. “My wedding day”; “The day my first child was born”; “The day I graduated from university”. 

All are valid answers but, while the days listed above (plus a load more) are significant, memorable and fantastic milestones in life, I would challenge you and suggest the most important day of your life is TODAY.

We all experience many events and make many decisions throughout our lifetime. Some we look back on with delight, gratitude, and pride. Others we regret dearly and wish we had chosen a different path. People close to us will pass, which leaves us sad and with gaping holes in our lives. But, whatever the situation, whatever the decision we have made, whatever the outcome, we can never go back and change things. 

Many people live in the past, regretting everything bad that’s come their way. We can’t alter what has happened…but we can learn from it and use it to our advantage.

Personally, I don’t regret any decision I have made in life, but I am dissatisfied with how I chose to administer some of them. I can’t amend the way I went about them, but I can learn to do things differently in the future.
I have lost people along the journey: I miss them of course, but when I reflect on what I have learned from them their memory lives on in a positive way and helps me become a better person.

So, when I say ‘today is the most important day of your life’, I mean it. It’s the first day of the rest of your life. Use your life experiences and learnings from your past to take you forward. Don’t dwell on days gone by, live your future.

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