Ruby interviews Maiko

In an exclusive interview, Maiko Mori talks to Ruby, 11 about her passion for piano and the joy of being a piano teacher.

1. How long have you been playing the piano for? 
I’ve been playing the piano since I was 3 years old. So..  it’s been 36 years!

2. Where do you come from and why did you move to England?
I come from Japan. The reason why I moved to England is to study piano at the Royal College of Music, London to become a professional concert pianist.

3. What would you say to anyone who wants to learn to play the piano?
You chose the right instrument! You are about to start learning something very special. You will have lots of fun making music on the piano! 

4. What would you say is your greatest achievement during your piano career?
It’s difficult to choose one, but… Getting to play Piano Concertos with a full symphony orchestra at a packed concert hall was one of the greatest moments in my career.    

5. What is the best thing about playing the piano?
The best thing about playing the piano is that whilst the piano can be played on its own, it has a great deal of collaboration in chamber groups, jazz bands and orchestras.  

6. Do you have any advice for someone who just started learning the piano?
Playing piano is so much fun, however, you might get a little frustrated at the beginning if you can’t play the piece fluently. I want you to remember you can’t get better in one day, but if you do even a small amount of practice every day, you will make great progress! Little by little, and regular practice is the key to improve. 

7. What is the best thing about teaching children to play the piano?
I enjoy teaching motivated children so much because they learn so quickly. I’m also very thankful to my young students because they sent me lots of positive energy during the lockdown. They kept practicing, having lessons online, and the result was spectacular as there were tremendous improvements by all.

8. Which countries have you performed in before?
I’ve performed in UK, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, India, Japan, and not to forget, at sea on cruise ships as well!

9. How has lockdown impacted you and your career?
All the concert engagements have been cancelled due to the pandemic. It has been a hard time for all musicians, especially for those who rely on their income only from live performances. I have been lucky enough to continue teaching during the pandemic albeit virtually. I was fortunate to be able to perform some concerts online, however, it is not the same feeling as playing live in a concert hall. Live performance is something very special and it has the power to move people. I miss performing live very much.

Please check out Maiko’s website to read about Maiko’s incredible music journey and listen to her playing some beautiful pieces on the piano.


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