Premier League Football Comes to Whyteleafe FC

Crystal Palace will play their home fixture against premier league giants Chelsea at Whyteleafe FCs Church Road Stadium on Saturday the 10th of April 2021.

Selhurst Park, the home of Crystal Palace FC, has serious problems with the current pitch. The pitch, newly laid at the start of this current season, has got blight, and will undergo spraying next week in an attempt to stop the disease from spreading.

As the pitch will be unplayable, Crystal Palace have been forced to change the venue for the home tie against Chelsea.

A spokesperson for the chairman of Crystal Palace said, “We decided to play the game at a local team’s ground. Whyteleafe FC have always been incredibly supportive and helpful to us over the years, so it’s time to repay the favour and put them into the spotlight”. Of course, with no fans allowed this decision has been made a lot easier with the Premier League approving the switch last evening.

A statement from Whyteleafe Football Club said, “we are delighted and honored to welcome premier league football to out humble little ground, it will be amazing for our fans to see the stadium live on sky TV. It doesn’t happen very often”.

The ground staff at Whyteleafe are also over the moon that Crystal Palace have chosen Church Road. “We have been working hard to get rid of a couple of moles that seem to enjoy the turf at Church Road”, said groundman Ivor Greengrass, “one of the blighters has dug a mound right on the penalty spot. We pointed this out to the Crystal Palace Chairman, but he seemed happy that the spot was slightly raised and would give them a clear advantage as most of Palace’s goals are from the penalty spot”.

April Fowler, the PR manager at Crystal Palace said, “this is an amazing opportunity for us to share part of our season with another local team”.

One of Crystal Palace’s world class strikers tweeted, “I have driven past the Whyteleafe stadium many times and it’s always been a dream of mine to play there. I just hope I don’t trip up on the mole hills, especially in the penalty area!!”

Although supporters will not be allowed in the ground, you can watch the match live on Sky TV on Saturday the 10th of April kick off at 17;30.

Only Joking….. April Fools!

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