Richmond Fellowship – Well-being Poems

The Challenge
By Philippa Matthews

Do you remember when you were younger, and you were learning to cross the road?
I do
I would stare down at my shoes, the ones with the little velcro strap across the foot, and make sure my feet are on the pavement, not the curb!
I would look both ways, both sides, again and again. A fast car would come by, or a big rumbling truck, with huge wheels, and would stand there and wait and wait and never cross.
I would get a bit flustered and a bit frustrated. I knew crossing the road would be an achievement, but it was big and scary.
And then one day after weeks, or months of trying, you finally put that first foot over the curb and on to the road. Nothing bad has happened so far, you are safe, so you put the other foot. And you’re still safe. The adrenaline is pumping, but the coast is clear, so you focus on the other side and just go for it.
You have made it!!! The other side is just as safe as the original side (and on this side of the road maybe there is a sweet shop!) and you have done it! You have achieved something big and you are feeling proud – and so you should do.
Coming to Richmond Fellowship or joining in on one of the courses, or a WhatsApp chat is a bit like crossing the road. You may not do it the first time, you can see it and want to get there, but making that leap is scary.
But once you have made your crossing to the other side you feel a huge sense of achievement, and relief. You are pleased that you have made the effort and that little leap of faith. And you’re safe and everyone seems friendly, and if you’re lucky, there may be sweets (or a biscuit!)

Early Spring Morning 
By Heidi Kunze

The sun breaks the darkness
to welcome the dawn
a fine mist of crystals
has painted the lawn
the breeze dances through the creamy sea grass
it prances and twirls like a wee little lass
sleepy sweet snowdrops, stretch and they yawn
as purple crocuses rise from the lawn
they look to the sun with unbridled glee
as small green and pink buds sprout from the tree
the scene fills the cold air with warm thoughts of spring
the birds in the trees flutter and sing
enveloping the soul with the warmth of the sun a sneak peek of the season before it’s begun

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