Our Tandridge Heroes Continued

Randy and the Rockets
Matt Hayes, Martin Mickles, Mick Hayes and Duncan Williams – better known as Oxted’s Randy and the Rockets – received many nominations for livestreaming free Saturday night concerts since the start of the first lockdown.

Sharon Timson says:
“The band has worked so hard to entertain us, giving us a bit of fun and normality in our lives during these difficult times.”

Sally Edwards adds:
“My partner and I have missed live music, but these guys have made being at home more bearable and enjoyable.”

Sarah Barnes confirms how grateful their fans are:
“They’ve given so many people something to look forward to. They’re a much-loved asset to our community.”

Jenny Benwell
Jenny Benwell is a carer from Caterham, looking after the elderly in their own homes across Tandridge. She has been nominated by daughter Louise.
“Mum has worked through the whole pandemic. She even gave up her own time over the Christmas period to care for her clients. She always goes out of her way to help people, including taking on extra shifts.

When the snow hit, she couldn’t get her car out to go to work so she went on foot instead. Her motto is ‘my clients need looking after, no matter what’.
She deserves to be celebrated.”

The Chaldon Cares Team
Nominated by a number of people, Cllr Bob Milton, Graham Baker, Amy Ireson, the Rev Helen Burdett and Cllr Keith Robbins worked quickly to set up the Chaldon Cares Pandemic Hardship Fund in April 2020.

Their aim was to financially support residents affected by Covid-19, which they achieved through donations, which so far total over £7,000. This has allowed them to help 37 families through grants, food bank vouchers and more. They have also enabled the village school to buy four laptops for homeschooling families.

The team says:
“Chaldon Cares is more than the hardship fund. It is a structure that has supported our vulnerable people through the pandemic. It will now become a charity that will continue to help them, as well as managing different aspects of village life, including facilities, events and the environment.”

Sheree Cook
Sheree Cook owns Sheree’s Store and Tearoom in Tatsfield, running it with help from husband Simon and staff Kirsty, Karen and Katie. Sheree has been nominated by local resident Wendy Watson, who says:
“I don’t know what we’d do without Sheree and her team. When the pandemic started, they began home deliveries and her husband made regular trips to Covent Garden, ensuring they had enough fruit and vegetables for everybody. She also started stocking fresh bread and pastries. She’s so helpful and always cheerful!”

Sheree supports local residents by selling their arts and crafts and, although the tearoom is shut, Sheree is still selling hot drinks and treats to take away.

Richard Snell
Richard has been nominated by Andy Parr because of his dedication to the Caterham community.

As a Dial-a-Ride driver he has spent a lot of time during the pandemic taking people to and from the Westway Centre, where he also volunteers while it acts as a vaccination centre.
He can also regularly be found delivering Meals on Wheels to the elderly, something which he also did on Christmas Day, making sure everybody got their turkey.

Andy says:
“Richard has been a regular volunteer in the local community for many years. He will always been found at local events and has now qualified as an International pillow fight umpire. For the past year he he has been volunteering every week for The Westway Centre, taking people to doctors appointments or delivering meals on wheels to local residents. He joined many others on Christmas day to assist Santa delivering Christmas dinners and presents. He can always be relied upon to smile and tell a few jokes to keep people entertained. He has been crowned the Caterham jester and certainly lives up to that position with some good stories and long jokes. People like Richard deserve to be recognised”

Geraint Jenkins
Caterham Rotary president has been nominated by Gail Barker and Julie Pescod.

Gail says:
Geraint does lots of local volunteering and recently he’s been at the Westway Hub in freezing weather all day, organising the car parking. The queue was often down Chaldon Road but he kept it moving. He also raises money for his charity, Community Health and Education for the Children of Kimilili, and, pre-Covid, arranged volunteering trips to work on projects there.”

Julie adds:
“Geraint puts in an amazing number of hours as a volunteer!”


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