Tune in to Symphony Hearing and get a hearing test this spring

Symphony Hearing is a mobile hearing care service with a unique and thorough approach focussed on the health of the ear. Ex-lawyer Nisha Sebastian-Price, together with her brother Pritesh, who used to work in business development in domiciliary care, set up Symphony Hearing using the knowledge they had gained during their careers. Their qualified audiologists have many years of experience providing care to all age groups and to those with specific needs. Their clinical understanding of the mechanics of the ear means they can identify any changes in the ear or hearing and advise on the most appropriate course of action. They are also able to provide clinical services such as micro-suction earwax removal and tinnitus counselling.

Nisha says: “Being a mobile service, our audiologists visit the client in their own home so they can get a good understanding of their living environment and needs. We also encourage a loved one to attend the appointment so that the audiologist can get a better picture of the hearing loss and the effect it is having on the clients’ lives and those around them.”

Audiology is classed as an essential service, so Symphony Hearing is therefore able to continue to see clients irrespective of what Tier they are in. All their audiologists adhere to the strictest COVID guidelines, including the use of full PPE during appointments. In addition, with their technologically advanced equipment, Symphony Hearing is able to assist clients remotely, making any minor adjustments to their hearing aids from computers. See the Symphony Hearing advertisement for more information and to book an appointment.

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