St. Peter and St. Paul Church, Chaldon

The tiny Norman church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Chaldon has been very busy indeed up to the end of 2020.

Just before Christmas 2019, members of the congregation who had knitted Mary and Joseph figures from a charming Nativity tableau, visited Southwark Cathedral, along with the children from St Peter and St Paul’s School and Rev Helen. The figures were shown at Southwark Cathedral where they were much admired, so much so that Chaldon church gifted them to the Cathedral for Christmas 2020. The education department at the Cathedral were entranced and said how much they would love to have the set.

This year during the pandemic, led by Angela Charlton, the Chaldon church knitters set to work to create a complete set for the church and for the Cathedral. This one, though, reflects the year 2020 in a very special way as all the human figures in it are wearing covid masks! A second set could not be delivered to the Cathedral because of the Covid related restrictions and so they will now have to wait until 2021!

Despite only being able to host 13 in the indoor Sunday service due to Covid restrictions, services nonetheless continued with many more attending outside on Sunday mornings, in the graveyard. Come rain or shine, throughout Autumn and up to Christmas Eve, the Vicar, Helen Burnett conducted worship for a congregation of young and old outside. Social distancing was strictly adhered to, with the congregation bringing their own camping seats, golf umbrellas, warm rugs and some hot water bottles! Occasionally hot chocolate was served after particularly bracing weather to those who had brought their own cups!.

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