It’s Not All Doom and Gloom – Help is at Hand

How are you feeling?

Wow. This lockdown is so different to the last one. I think, without exception, every client I have spoken to since Christmas is struggling with the uncertainty, loneliness, and the outcome of this third lockdown.

The world is changing. The news is depressing. We are worrying about ourselves and our loved ones. We are thinking ahead. But is what we are thinking helpful or useful?
Many people are feeling anxious, apprehensive, overwhelmed, or lost. A feeling of no positive future. These thoughts often make us feel, tense, restless and unable to relax, difficulty in concentrating, difficulty sleeping or just feeling fatigued.

We are open to making different interpretations to all sorts of news, especially on social media. Everything is new and we do not have the experiences to fall back on. We are unclear how things will turn out.

However, many of our thoughts are simply made up. Thoughts which are generated by us in our mind. We need to change these thought processes, encouraging positive thinking, relaxation and refection time and start panning for a positive future.

We need to start asking ourselves; “What am I worrying about?”. “Is it in my control?”. If it is not in your control, then do not worry about it. Look at what you can change, and then list the options as to how you go about making them happen.

Set yourself goals, both professionally and personally, and work out the steps needed to achieve them. Putting your energy into these steps will help you achieve your goals. It will give you a focus away from the doom and gloom. Yes, there will be bumps in the road, but stay focused. You will feel much better for it.

If you need help or support in unlocking and fulfilling your goals get in contact with me at or call me on 0208 617 8111 for a free no obligation consultation. I am here ready to help you get back on track.

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