Benches – February 2021

The wood may be old, the brass dull with age, but every bench plaque is a dedication to somebody who was loved. We see them across our villages and towns, these links between the present and past, and yet it’s rare we know anything about the people they commemorate.

So, we took to social media and asked you to tell us the stories behind Tandridge’s bench plaques: who are the people they pay tribute to, and why has that particular location been chosen for them?

No. 4: Carl Burrows, Limpsfield Chart

Carl Burrows was a fun-loving man who lived in Warlingham and worked in the heating and plumbing industry. He was a hard worker and was devoted to his family, but he was also an extremely enthusiastic cyclist. He greatly enjoyed meeting up with like-minded people to go road cycling locally, or mountain biking in the UK or abroad. Limpsfield Chart was one of his favourite places to ride.

He died in October 2011, after collapsing at a charity bike event in Spain, leaving behind a wife and two young daughters.
To celebrate Carl’s life, his family and friends decided to organise a Family Fun Day and Bluebell Ramble through the woods that he loved to ride in. It was at this event, in May 2012, that Carl’s bench was unveiled.

Constructed and installed by friend Richard Williams, the bench is located in a clearing in the wooded area behind the 17th Green at Limpsfield Chart Golf Club. This place was chosen in agreement with the National Trust, and the bench sits peacefully under the trees, giving passers-by the chance to rest and admire the glorious view.

Nick White, family friend and fellow mountain biker says:
“The bench celebrates Carl’s love for the outdoors. It leaves a legacy for his grandchildren and commemorates his life by providing a special quiet place of beauty for his friends and family to visit.

It’s a great spot to just sit, listen and watch the distant countryside as it should be while remembering what a wonderful man Carl was.”
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