An Evening with Perryley Craft Gin

Pre lockdown some of the ‘The Caterham and District Independent’ team carried out a podcast interview with David and Victoria from Perryley Craft Gin.

Perryley Craft Gin stock premium and local brands and pride themselves on supporting small businesses which we know has been incredibly important moreso this year.

Upon arrival we were handed their newest creation, Winter Spiced Gin fused with cloudy apple juice. Their Gin Trailer had been impressively decorated with a Halloween theme and the pumpkin lights were perfect for our bespoke autumnal evening.

Throughout the evening we sampled a total of six flavoured gins all homemade in David and Victoria’s local distillery. Elderflower, Rose, Violet, Rhubarb, Lavender and of course Winter Spiced were all tried along with a range of garnishes, tonic water, lemonade, an array of nibbles, their signature metal straws and that must have ingredient to accompany gin… ice.
Victoria explained each flavour and the chatter ensued! We discovered that ‘Rose’ is Caterham’s favourite flavour and I have to admit that adding a touch of lemonade and a handful of berries was a great recommendation.

We were impressed with the vegeware compostable ‘glassware’ that was used throughout the evening. A passion they have is to be able be as eco friendly as possible.
As 10pm drew nearer we scribbled on our ‘Tasting Cards’ and concluded our interview and placed our orders for Christmas presents! Their Christmas crackers filled with a flavoured miniature bottle of our choice were a must. Who can guess which flavour I chose?

David and Victoria from Perryley Craft Gin can be contacted via email at

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