Aligning values is the key to a successful working relationship

Choosing the right job is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. During these times of turmoil, it would be easy to take the fist job that comes along. This is understandable, as sometimes we just need is a job that will pay the bills. However, the relationship between you and your new employer may be short lived as you fall out of love with the job quickly and wonder where you go to next.

The reason many fall out with their employers is simply due to values not aligning. I worked for a company that I loved. I woke every morning excited about going to work, but over a few moths I fell out of love with a business I had worked for over a 20 years period. Not because of my work colleagues or the customers, but because the company values changed. They became vastly different to mine.

I am seeing this more and more as some companies struggle to stay afloat. Many change their goals, and subsequently, values, to keep a company from going under. It’s suddenly all about the cash and unfortunately, employees are less of a priority. This may lead to a feeling of no longer being valued.

Obtaining the right role with a company who has the same values as you is key to longevity and job satisfaction. When going for an interview it is important you are interviewing the company as well as them interviewing you, thus ensuring your values align.

One of the biggest drains on confidence is the sense that you must do things or behave in ways that are in conflict with your values.

If you need support identifying your values and goals or help finding the right employer for you, contact me for a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation on 02086178111 or email

Here is this month’s post bag.

I am out of work for the first time in 30 years and struggling to get my CV together. Is this something you can help with at Blue Turtle?
Bill, Caterham

Hi Bill,
With so many people applying for the same roles it is imperative that your CV stands out above the rest. I am a great believer in making your CV fit your values and goals. It is also so important that the design of your CV is such that it gets noticed. We offer a service where we combine a session identifying your values and goals and then build them into a CV. Feel free in contacting me for more information.

As a small independent insurance brokers owner, my entire team are now working remotely. I need some advice on how to manage the team without bringing them into the office. Motivation needs to be high and communication at the forefront, but I am really struggling in getting the team to work together. Do you have a magic wand to make this happen?
Peter, Oxted

Hi Peter,
No magic wand I am afraid, just a few every simple working practices that install a team spirit for remote working and proven to improve moral and productivity. Contact me to find out more.
Regards Steve

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