the arc

The Arc located in Caterham on the Hill and formerly known as the Caterham Guards depot is a charity which was set up in February 2010 to provide affordable inclusive community facilities and to specialise in the vulnerable and special needs sector.

September sees The Arc reopening its Soft Play activities as well as its very own sensory room. The Sensory Room will provide a unique facility to those with special needs within our area and the service will be essential to their wellbeing.

Time in a sensory room stimulates the senses and helps children improve their developmental skills. By providing a sense of calm and comfort, the sensory room can help children learn to self-regulate their behaviour, which ultimately improves focus and creates comfort. The room won’t be available for use as part of the general soft play and will need to be pre booked.

The Arc also offers an array of clubs, facilities and classes which are run by local businesses. These include Educational, Art, Dance and Fitness classes for both adults and children. Coffee mornings for the elderly as well as an art and drama club is also available for adults with learning disabilities. The premises are available for private hire. For further information about the sensory room or soft play contact or call 01883 330380

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