Nutritionist’s survival tips for busy Parents

Exhaustion, cravings, mid-afternoon slump, poor sleep and too much coffee – does this sound familiar to you?

I get it! Although you may be pushing through despite feeling tired every day, this is not OK. You would not let your phone run out of battery so why should you?
Some of you probably cannot wait (after 6 long months…) for your children to go back to school and ‘get a break’. You may even have decided this will mark the start of your health journey. So here are my top tips to start the academic year feeling energised:

1. Healthy diet basic rules – 1: Eat good quality protein at every meal; 2: Pack in as much veg as you can; 3: Reduce starchy carbs (white pasta/rice, couscous, potatoes); 4: Drink enough water. Balancing blood sugar levels is the secret to long-lasting energy (and weight loss!).

2. Meal planning – To reduce the stress associated with meal times. Pick a time to sit down and plan all your meals for the week ahead (tip: start with main meals to plan how to use leftovers for future meals). Batch cook and freeze. Get your family involved: nothing worse than spending ages cooking food and your children refusing to eat!

3. Adapt your meals to suit you and the whole family – Mild coconut milk curries + rice for the kids/cauliflower ‘rice’ for you; spaghetti bolognese (homemade hidden vegetables tomato sauce) + pasta for the kids/courgetti for you; shepherd’s/cottage/chicken/fish pie topped with half sweet potato half potato or cauliflower mash; chicken fajitas + salad leaves instead of wraps for you; all-in-one oven tray bakes (choose some protein, add your family’s favourite veggies and season with anything you like).

4. Selfcare – Not selfish but essential for every mum! Put aside some time for yourself every day to do something that brings you joy, even if as little as 10 minutes (a little walk works wonders for body and mind).

Christelle is a local Registered Nutritionist & Health Coach. For more hints and tips, join her Community Group ‘Keep Calm Nutrition Connect’ on Facebook.

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