A grant of half a million pounds has been awarded by the government to build a cycle route along the A22 between Caterham and Godstone.
The funding was awarded by the government’s new “Getting Building Fund” following a bid from Tandridge District Council (TDC).
Work will be done to look at the cost and feasibility of the route, with the aim of it being completed by March 2022.

Harestone councillor Beverley Connolly said: “The news of the cycle route is great because the government is encouraging everyone to get fitter and cycling is a fantastic way of doing that.
“The route will go from Godstone into Caterham. I’m delighted we have got the funding.
“We don’t really have enough cycle routes in Tandridge. There is one in Warlingham coming from Titsey but there are not any which are very viable.
“This will give cyclists a route of their own because there is a lot of frustration between cyclists and motorists. This route is going to elevate this conflict, as this will give cyclists their own arena as such.”

The cycle route will help establish a “green corridor” as part of TDC’s climate change agenda and improve the environment.

Cllr Connolly said: “The council’s climate change agenda is where we are promoting any projects which can help with climate change and the current emergency.
“We (Tandridge) are looking to utilise electricity charging points but being a very rural district there’s not a lot of them so that’s going to make it a challenge for the council to take on.
“As chairperson of Soper Hall, we had an enquiry from an organisation about having charging points at outside there.
“What we need to look at, as a community, is where we can have these charging points and where people can charge their cars, in order to have a more environmentally conscious future.”

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