Chaldon Pre School opens Yurt

Chaldon Pre School are extremely lucky to have the exclusive use of half an acre of private land for their ‘Forest Pre School’ activities. The land is secure and safe or the children to use and explore and the 2-4 year olds have the luxury of the unique facility guided by the forest school leader.

The school thrive on their ethos ’To let children discover, explore and be adventurous! The land allows them to play with sticks and stones while building and gives them the opportunity to step away from plastic toys while enjoying exploring nature.

Shelter on the land has always been a key issue and so together via fundraising events such as quiz nights and cake sales as well as support from ‘The National Lottery Community Fund’ and ‘The Caterham Roundtable’ the pre school chose to have a yurt built on site. This will give the children somewhere to play and shelter in poor weather conditions as well as a base for them to eat their lunch and snacks too.

Following on from the pandemic the land and yurt provides a great natural environment for the children to play and learn while being outside and in the fresh air. From September the school will be trialling the forest school with its own children however they would eventually like to offer the opportunity to use the grounds and forest school activities to the wider community once they have had the opportunity to train more staff.

Chaldon Pre School would like to thank

Woodlands Fencing and Maintenance for building the yurt base and also Ian Bristow, Glenn Bird and Vincent McKilt who are the volunteers who constructed the yurt.
For further information about the pre-school contact Dani Gittins (Trustee) at:

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