Caleidosope “Autism is part of who I am”

Ola Malanska MA Ed., PG Autism is the ‘Founder and Autism Practitioner’ of Caleidoscope which is a not profit organisation based in Caterham, Surrey. The charity was set up in order to raise awareness of autism within communities and to promote inclusion and diversity.

Ola has home experience and is also a professional autism practitioner who carried out her post graduate studies in autism. Her son who was diagnosed with autism at just 3 years old, is also the inspiration behind her setting up her business.

She wants to be able to to help and advise families who are in similar situations that there is help available for them for their children who need support. Not knowing where to get the help or what to do is something she wants to overcome by spreading the word as to where this can be found. She aims to spread awareness about autism within the community. Through lockdown she hosted 13 webinars all of which focused on autism related topics and over 200 people attended.

One parent was quoted as saying; “Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us and thank you very much for training us!

For the last three months, I have learned so much from you! From “Understanding Autism” to “Preparing Autistic Children to go back to school”. Thank you for sharing your tips and methods and I will put them into practice in September.”

Ola has recently trained in Lego Therapy and through her passion for Art she wants to be able to use these skills via therapy sessions starting this month to help autistic children as well as improve mental well-being for those who need the support. The weekly sessions along with therapists will also include the use of sensory kits. Ola s a firm believer that early intervention can help autistic children improve their social communication and interaction skills

Funders so far have comprised of Community Foundation for Surrey, Lottery Community Fund, Tesco Bags of Help, Tandridge Community Fund, AS Active Surrey and The Neighbourly Community Fund.

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