Liam Scott – Charity Update

A couple of months ago we published the story of Liam and his family. Liam is a four year old suffering from. neuroblastoma. 16 year old Josh Baker (who goes to school in Caterham) ran and cycled for 100 miles over 10 days to raise money for Liams treatment and a possible life saving vaccine available only in New York.

The family needed £232,000 and to date and we are very excited to be able to report that an incredible £233,454 has been raised! Further fundraising has included a recent kayaking expedition (carried out by Liams dad and Joshs cousin which exceeded 20 nautical miles through intense tides and currents and was completed in 5.5 hours. While waiting for the kayakers to return the family and friends spent an incredible and memorable day on the beach with Liam flying kites and playing with pebbles.

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