Enjoying the Green Stuff this Summer

August is traditionally the month that families go away on holiday. This year that might look a bit different. But if you are going away here are some tips to look after your garden and plants whilst you’re gone:

1: Before you go, get up to date with any routine jobs like weeding and mowing the lawn and make sure all tools are put away and lock the shed.

2: Deadhead all your flowers before you go to encourage new growth.

3: Pick all your produce and either freeze or give it away.

4: Water everything well before you go.

5: If you can, rope in a friend or neighbour to water your pots and veggie patch every other day. Bribe them with the lure of picking whatever you’re growing to take home!

6: Make it easier for them by collecting all your pots together in one place. If this can be in the shade even better as this can also slow down water evaporation and often looks beautiful to see them all enmasse together!

If you are home or away and need a garden fix look for the National Garden Schemes Yellow Book or download the NGS Find a Garden App. The NGS Open Garden Scheme is running as usual this year and hundred of gardens will be opened by their owners across the country raising money for nursing and health charities. They are truly inspirational, and their owners love to talk to their visitors about their gardens so are definitely worth a visit for their knowledge and often their cake!

If you’re staying at home, August is a great time for planning for Autumn planting. September – November is the time that we plant Spring Bulbs, but it is also the best time to plant all sort of plants as the soil is nice and warm after the Summer. My top tips for planting is:

1: Less is more! Rather than buy 6 different plants buy 3 of 2 different plants.

2: Plant in groupings rather than singularly. 1 Daffodil on its own looks incredibly sad whereas a group of 5 together look so much happier and have greater impact.

3: Plant in groups of odd numbers to make your planting look as natural as possible!

Wherever you are this Summer I hope you enjoy some of the green stuff and bring it inside … a jam jar full of flowers from your garden is a joyful way to enjoy your garden in another way!

Renée is a local gardener and designer also known as The Girl who Gardens. For more hints and tips join her Community Group ‘Gorgeous Gardeners’ on Facebook.

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