Annes Walk

Annes Walk residents fear their community will be destroyed if plans to use their street in Caterham as an access route for a housing estate goes ahead.

Residents, Tandridge district council (TDC) and developers Shanly Homes have been in discussions about using 172 Whyteleafe Road, owned by Shanly, as an alternative for access.
The developers have said that access to the land via the Whyteleafe Road entrance has no planning permission granted as yet and they are still awaiting this decision.

TDC said: “Shanly Homes is currently pursuing an alternative proposal for access to the site, which would provide access from Whyteleafe Road via the site at No. 172.
“This planning application is currently being considered and will be taken to a future Planning Committee for a decision. We’re currently in discussions with both developers (Shanly and Chartwell) on the issue of shared access.”

Residents are also concerned about the construction traffic trying to get down the road, the introduction of yellow lines to create space and the possibility of work being carried out seven days a week.

Ralph Linsell, Annes Walk resident, said: “Why are we in Annes walk suffering? We are going to have thirty months of pure hell. It is going to destroy our community.
“We have had a twenty-ton vehicle trying to get up here and it couldn’t. Now they (Shanly) are saying ‘if we can’t get up there because your cars are in the way we going to have the cul-de-sac yellow-lined.’

“They want to work seven days a week as well. I have told them there is to be no working outside Mondays to Fridays, and deliveries should be in accordance with local schools.”
Shanly has said the planning consent instructs Shanley Homes to work within approved hours, and at no time has this meant work during unsociable hours.
Shanly Homes has said there are currently no construction workers on site, only those undertaking the ecological works to migrate slowworms and no construction work has been undertaken yet, other than works to improve access to site, which are complete.

TDC said: “We are working with the developer to discuss how the site will be accessed during the construction phase.
“Providing temporary parking restrictions on Annes Walk is one of the options being explored by the developer, although no decision has yet been made.
“The provision of yellow lines is the responsibility of Surrey County Council and would be subject to separate approval and consultation arrangements.”
TDC refused the building application in July 2019 due to the loss of space, flood risks and significant changes to the local area, but the decision was appealed by Shanly Homes which was upheld by the Planning Inspectorate in December 2019.

Annes Walk was designated as a vehicle access route for a development of 39 homes on adjacent land.
Shanly own part of the land, behind Annes Walk, and the other part of the land is owned by another property development company, Chartwell.
Residents have cited other issues with building work in Annes Walk including flood risks, gas works, tree preservation order(s) (TPO) and the removal of a lamppost.
TDC said: “Planning permission has been granted, following an appeal, for the use of Annes Walk for access to the site and surface water drainage is an issue currently being considered.

“The proximity of gas pipelines to the development site was considered as part of the application and the developer is responsible for ensuring the development protects public safety.
“There are a number of protected trees (TPOs) within the Annes Walk site and on Annes Walk itself.”
Shanly Homes have said there will be a need to move a lamppost, and while fortnightly meetings occur between residents and the local authority, no decision has been made on where this will be moved to nor does Shanly Homes have any say in the new position

Surrey County Council were contacted for comment and we are awaiting their response.
Shanly Homes have said an official statement will follow.

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