Horticultural Society Planters

Grants donated from SES Water as part of their “Every Drop Counts” campaign and from The Caterham Rotary group were used to purchase planters and these have now been put in place in Caterham on the Hill, High Street. The planters have a reservoir which helps reduce the amount of watering that they need.

They have been very well received and fellow shop keepers have also expressed an interest in having some. If you are a local businesses or individuals who would like to sponsor or donate funds so that many more troughs to be placed in the High Street on the Hill please contact the Horticultural Society via their website caterhamdistricthorticulturalsoc.weebly.com/contact-us.html

If the society are able to raise the necessary funding they are also planning to make a formal entry into the RHS Bloom competition when it reopens in 2021.

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