Fundraising for Alesha-Marie

Alesha – Marie lived in Caterham on the Hill before moving to Oxted recently with her family. 2019 saw 6 year old Alesha – Marie being diagnosed with a non operable brain tumour resulting in her losing control of her ability to move and walk like any other child her year old should be able to do. She has since had a device attached to her brain which is used to drain the excess fluid from the brain when it builds up however this can cause excess pressure to her nerves and brain. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy with the Royal Marsden hospital in The London Borough of Sutton.

The family are investigating private treatments which the NHS cannot offer and The Harley Street Clinic are able to provide treatment which would treat the tumour previously thought to be inoperable. There is also the option of treatment at St Judes Children’s Cancer hospital in Tennessee. Suitability is the key to the treatment which she is able to have together ofcourse with the approval of her consultant.

Funds raised will contribute towards both medical and travel costs.

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