We Can Make History

In the midst of everything that’s going on, I have been feeling very anxious, as I’m sure you have been. It has been upsetting to say the least to watch this vile disease travel across the globe, but just as upsetting is the xenophobia, racism and selfishness that has come with it. We mustn’t let this virus expose the worst of human nature, we are living with this now, and “what ifs” are irrelevant.  Please don’t let us become as bad as this disease.  As a lecturer and teacher, I’ve seen heartbroken students have final exams and performances cancelled. My immediate family’s jobs have been affected – but in this time of great difficulty, we have a unique opportunity to make some good come out of this horrible situation.  We, at this very moment, are living through history. This is an important event that people will look back on and study years into the future – and this has changed my perspective on things. When GCSE students answer the question “How did the Covid-19 pandemic impact British society?” let the bottom line not be “it tore it apart” but “it brought it together”  Just a few months ago, society was full of things that divided us; politics and Brexit debate fuelled the news, and disagreements seemed a part of daily life – now this has all faded into insignificance. Now, we must look to the ways that we can unite, even on the smallest of scales.  Everyone’s lives will be changed by this – but resilient, strong and kind is how I would like humanity to be described in dealing with this crisis, and I’d love your help in making it so! 

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