Mental & Physical Health During Isolation

This period of isolation finds us all in a position where we need to maintain our physical & mental well-being.
What can we do to assist ourselves during these unsettling times? When fear, anxiety & stress levels are heightened.

– Set a routine
– Maintain social interaction
– Be mindful of what we are absorbing and focus on the positive media
– Daily exercise
– Get some fresh air
– Choose healthy snacks
– Focus only on our day ahead
– Meditation & relaxation including breathing techniques
– Be creative & learn new skills

We can use this time as an OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH!

It will end, and when new get back to normal living we will feel amazing if we have challenged ourselves by making the most of this opportunity.
During these challenging times we have no control or cannot change the situation that we find ourselves in, so we have to hand it over and just have faith that all will be well.
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