Perimeter path to be constructed in Grange Park

Following on from the opening of the new playground by The Friends of Grange Park In 2016, construction of their next project, a perimeter path around the park, is due to start this spring. The Friends of Grange Park (which is now a charity) was formed to address the lack of investment by Croydon Council in the park in Old Coulsdon. The play area and its equipment were becoming very old, and consequently being under-used by the community.
After raising an incredible £100,000 and carrying out a local consultation, a new state-of-the-art play area for the under-12s was opened by the Friends, to the delight of local families, on 10 September 2016.

The opening of the playground prompted numerous requests for facilities for the rest of the community and, after local surveys were carried out, the favourite idea was to create a perimeter path, with possible gym equipment. It will provide a hard service for wheelchair users, parents with buggies, the elderly and joggers, and will encourage local residents to use the park throughout the year.

Fundraising for the path is underway and the cost will be approximately £85,000. The park is often used by local schools for their sports and Croydon Council has been very supportive of the proposal. The project has also been displayed at the last two Rotary Summer Fairs in Grange Park, receiving extremely positive feedback.

The plans for the perimeter path ensure that the trees and their roots are not damaged.

As with the play area, the path will be entirely funded by the Friends of Grange Park and will not cost the council or tax-payers anything. For more information visit

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