Life by the sea – January 2020

If you didn’t read last month’s blog I explained that my family moved to Weymouth from Caterham over five years ago, that I run a small on line business and have a great interest in doing my little bit to help our local beach stay clean and safe.

Every day I walk the dogs on our little beach that was opened again last year. I am a litter volunteer and the community work on a rota to empty the bin and collect litter. Unfortunately, after each tide, the sea deposits plastic, tin cans, old shoes, and fishermen’s nets. Sometimes very little but after a storm you are amazed what is thrown on to our sandy cove. A few weeks ago, there was a huge amount of brown seaweed everywhere, but it can disappear with the next few tides. That’s why it is important to pick up rubbish when we can, or it will return and pollute the sea. It has been such a busy month for us with Christmas. We have held accessory parties for many people in their houses with donations going to charity. We have also attended the big craft fairs to sell our products. Our Christmas driftwood and sea glass angels sold out very quickly with not a piece of plastic anywhere to be seen. When I moved here I decided to have a hobby that I couldn’t have done in Caterham so after trying wind surfing (I was pretty bad at this) sailing, (I never want to sail again) and at last kayaking (loved it), I decided to join and learn to row a gig in the open sea. I love Weymouth Rowing club which is so friendly and fun. We even have our own dolphin called Danny who has made a few appearances.

Anyway, I hope to write again, and you can reach me at:

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