Learn about Pastry in 2020

Don’t you just hate it when you make a dish and it goes wrong? You go back to the recipe but the solution is nowhere to be found. All you see is a list of instructions and a cool picture.

My name is Tim Fisher I have been a pastry chef for 35 years.
Solving baking problems and making pastry, cakes, desserts and chocolate is a passion of mine. About 6 years ago I decided to use my skills to teach in a part time capacity. So I looked around at what adult education courses were available to teach. To my horror there weren’t any. So I surmised there was no demand or the centres had closed. I had two choices, I could give up or set my own up, thankfully I did the latter. Since October 2015 I have taught bakery, pastry and chocolate courses at the kitchens at Oasis Academy in Coulsdon on Saturday mornings, check out the website to see what we do.

I am very happy to say that Louise has agreed to put a column into the Caterham and District Independent each month to answer queries about baking and pastry to encourage you to bake more and to resolve issues that I get asked all the time in the classroom. I am really looking forward to answering your questions.


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