125 years of Caterham Baptist Church

2019 was a big year for Caterham Baptist Church. Among the 125th anniversary celebrations was its ‘Birthday Bash’ in Timberhill Park in July, and a special Sunday service and lunch in November.

The church, based in Beechwood Road (off Croydon Road) in Caterham Valley, was keen to use the anniversary to engage the whole community, which it serves through regular activities for people of all ages.

The service on 24th November was attended by a number of community figures, as well as the regular church congregation of well over 100 people. Jonathan Bailey, the church pastor, spoke about the church’s historical and ongoing objective to display the attitude and unity of Jesus Christ to one another, and to share the good news of forgiveness and reconciliation to God with everyone around.

Afterwards he said, “It is a mark of God’s faithfulness that the intentions of whose who started this church in 1894 continue to this day. We are thankful to have so many volunteers within the church, motivated by the love of Jesus, to lead so many activities for people in this area. Our popular groups for parents, toddlers, young people and older people are run throughout the year, alongside the foodbank organised with other local churches. Our Sunday services are open to everyone, providing real encouragement and teaching from the Bible as we get together each week to celebrate and worship God. Newcomers are always warmly welcomed.” Find out more at www.caterhambaptist.org.uk

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