The Friendship Tree

Simon and Lee both worked within the Financial Services sector and were based in London. Between them they worked within the industry for over 40 years and finally decided that they needed a change. Lees City role primarily looking at the mental and physical effects of financial stresses on employees and it was this which made him consider a change to the daily commute to London.

Both had close elderly relatives whom despite being physically well and having family, were suffering from extreme loneliness in between family visits. Simons grandfather Harold moved into an environment where there were more people around and a more constant ‘buzz’ and it was only then that the difference in him was dramatic.
Simon had similar circumstances his late mum. She lived in a lovely North Yorkshire village and as she became frail she had daily visits from friendly neighbours just checking on her well-being but these were only for a few minutes at a time she was one of the lucky ones.Many thousands of elderly people up and down the country see no one at all .

Once surrounded by people and much to the happiness of Simon and Lee both of their relatives found themselves both physically and mentally rejuvenated.

Simon and Lee know that this problem is way bigger than people have realised but they have chosen to address it and want to be a part of the solution Consequently ‘The Friendship Tree’ was born……..

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