Chaldon's resident author

(Photo: Adele Brand)

Adele Brand is an ecologist, who was born and raised in Chaldon. She was mainly homeschooled and spent a lot of her time hiking through the Surrey Hills, splashing through streams and discovering new footpaths: all of which fuelled her passion for the countryside.

After studying at the University of East Anglia she worked within the conservation sector for many years, including teaching students in the Mexican jungle and collecting data on mammals in Romania and Croatia. She also surveys wildlife in our local area, including dormice.

Coexisting with nature

Adele's main aim is to help people understand that we can easily coexist with mammals, and her book, recently published by Harper Collins, focuses on the red fox, which is found in 86 countries world-wide. Her book explores the lives of these foxes, and how they survive in both wild landscapes and areas imposed upon by humans.

"We may feel that foxes have moved into the city but, since the Ice Age, surely it is the humans who have moved into the traditional habitat of the fox? Our towns and villages have been created over their land."

Adele's book, The Hidden World of The Fox, which has been published in the UK, the United States and South Korea, looks deeper into this concept.

Adele has a new book planned, featuring a different animal this time. Find out more by following her Facebook page.  

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